Nyong, Mohammed, Ekem, Akawa victorious at Obudu Mountain race-Nigeria

nyongekem01.jpgmohammedfatima03.jpgmohammedfatima02.jpgraphaelekem.jpg Winners of the Obudu Mountain Run media races from left Eke Nyong (men) and Fatima Mohammed, while Obanliku Local Government Authority (LGA) school boy Rahpael Ekem prevailed in the children’s race .

Local journalists Eke Nyong (Executive Travels Calabar) and Fatima Mohammed (Tourism Magazine Abuja) retained their men’s and women’s titles at the Obudu Mountain 3km Media Run on Friday (November 27).

This media race is part of the build up to the main event the 5th Obudu Mountain International 11 km Road race on Saturday (November 28). The race was preceded by the Children’s three kilometres race. It was restricted to children between the age of 8-12.

The vision behind the children’s event is to attract the young school-going children in the local community to develop an interest in athletes. While the media race is largely a fan run for sports journalists who come to cover the event, the cash prize for the top three (US dollar 2,000, 1500 and 1,000) is clearly an added incentive to members of the fourth estate taking part in the event.

“This year I did not plan to compete as I had not trained. However the cash prize and the all-expense paid trip to Accra Ghana is such an attractive incentive, I found it hard to resists entering the race,” Nyong admits.

“None of the professional athlete has won the main race back to back. So for me to retain the media race title is unique. Next year I will train harder win this media event so that I become the first to clinch a hat trick at this Obudu event,” Nyong revealed.

Like Nyong, Fatima Mohammed won the women’s media race for the second year running. However she sees things differently. “This hilly course is very tough. It takes a lot out of me to complete the race. I do not know if I will be back to run this difficult race,” Mohammed concedes.  

In the children’s race Raphael Ekem (13:21) of Obanliku Local Government Authority won th boys race. Dorcas Akawa (14:34) of Obudu Cattle Ranch recieved a raptuous welcome when she crossed the line first in the girls event.



1 Eke Nyong (Executive Travel Calabar Nigeria) 15:41; 2 Odey Alenyo (Nigeria Television Authority Calabar Office) 17:04; 3 Bankole Pataki (Silverbird Television Lagos Nigeria) 18:35; 4 Oqua Etim (Calabar News Nigeria) 20:07; 5 Justice Mui (Calabar Tourism) 20:16; 6 Patrick Odey (Tellcom Lagos Nigeria) 20:52; 7 Nicholas Kalu (Compass Newspaper Lagos Nigeria) 23:03; Tunde Asibode (Television Continental  Lagos Nigeria) 26:44


1 Fatima Mohammed (Tourism Magazine Abuja Nigeria) 24:30; 2 Stella Bamawo (The Nation Newspaper Lagos Nigeria); 3 Maria Olatunji (Silverbird Television Lagos Nigeria


Note entries limited to Children between the age of 8 and 12

BOYS(top 10 only)

 Note: All are from Obanliku Local Government Authority (LGA)1 Raphael Ekem 13:21; 2 Felix Abang 13:29; 3 Akusor Savior 13:41; 4 John Ekem 13:47; 5 Sylvanus Afa 13:50; 6 Simon Apuwa 13:52; 7 Esale Godsgift 13:55; 8 Christian Oba 13:56; 9 Gilbert Kijin 13:59; 10 Lazarus Agi 14:04

GIRLS (top ten only)

1 Dorcas Akawa (Obudu Ranch) 14:34; 2 Vivian Etoga (Obudu ranch) 15:04; 3 Jesenta Machu (Obanliku LGA) 15:12; 4 Caroline Tawo (Obanliku LGA) 15:27; 5 Jaret Akunda (Obanliku LGA) 15:28; 6 Ester Mechell (Obanliku LGA) 15:39; 7 Mispa Meme (Obudu Ranch) 16:16; 8 Patience Apa (Obanliku LGA) 16:20; 9 Jennifer Ave (Obudu RTanch 16:30; 10 Faith Apaka (Obanliku LGA)   

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